We contacted Underfloor Heating Solutions because we moved into a house with 15 year old underfloor heating where the Wisbro thermostats were nearly all faulty or broken, the manifold heads sticking and the mixing valve needed operating by hand! The house is quite large (3 floors, 6 bedrooms) so it was no mean feat to get it up to temperature and keep it that way. He was recommended to us by the manufacturer themselves.

After discussing the issues at length with Martin we decided the only way forward was to replace the complete set of manifolds and and thermostats. As Martyn was in Rugby and we were in Swansea we sent photos of the current set up to him, and based on the evidence he was able to quote for the necessary parts and labour to fit and test them. He did not try to upscale our requirements and suggested a couple of pragmatic ways forward that saved us some additional costs.

Martin arrived on time, he was personable and polite. He kept his work area tidy and safe and hoovered up after himself at the end of every day. He worked methodically and efficiently, rarely taking a break. I know little about underfloor heating but the workmanship inside the two cupboards that house the controls looks immaculate. He had great patience with us dealing with all our questions with easy to understand answers.

He stayed on late on the final day to finish ahead of schedule and we are very pleased with the result, having had no problems since installation.

We can heartily recommend Martin and Underfloor Heating Solutions to anyone considering installing underfloor heating, or who needs maintenance or upgrade work.

5 stars!

C. Harrison, Swansea