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Underfloor Heating Solutions offer a personalised service tailored to your needs. Our integrity, professionalism and dedication ensures all work we carry out is of the highest standard. We offer a wide range of services covering underfloor heating breakdown, full installation through to yearly service to ensure maximum efficiency. We provide a fully qualified underfloor heating engineer in the Midlands and beyond to quickly attend to your individual underfloor heating problem. We quickly respond to enquiries and strive to rapidly diagnose underfloor heating problems, suggest advice and offer solutions. Please contact Underfloor Heating Solutions to discuss your specific needs.

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We can heartily recommend Martin and Underfloor Heating Solutions to anyone considering installing underfloor heating or who needs maintenance or upgrade work.

Chris Harrison, Swansea

“We recently had our heating serviced by Underfloor Heating Solutions ready for the winter. The job was completed efficiently at a reasonable price. We will definitely use Martin at UHS again. ”

Kevin D, Milton Keynes